Dan Shaki
New York

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Dan Shaki is a stand up comedian from New York. Since he was six years old, he knew he wanted to do stand up but went to college and received a degree in electrical engineering just so he would have something to fall back on. After finishing his education and asking himself what he really wanted to do with the rest of his life, he dove into the comedy world full heartedly. His material does not resort to cheap laughs gained from vulgar statements, but rather focuses on his clean, intelligent view of the world around him. Always quick on his feet, he is able to truly connect with a crowd and let them see his unique personality giving them a one of a kind show each night. Dan is just as funny off stage and enjoys joking around with the other comedians at the club making him a true comic’s comic. He needs humor to function in society and find his place in the world. Because of this whether on stage or not, Dan always has and always will be a true comedian. He has been featured on XM radio’s “New Rascal’s Comedy Hour”, was a finalist in The Gilda’s Club Laugh Off, was a quarterfinalist in the Page International Screenwriting Awards, and performs regularly all over New York City. He also participated in the Friars Club “So You Think You Can Roast?” competition and was unanimously elected as a Working Performer member of the Friars Club. Keep up to date at http://danshaki.com