Jeff Kazanjian
Altadena, California

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When life gives him lemons...he learns to like lemons.

Jeff Kazanjian (otherwise known as "Jeffrey Kazanjian") shot out of his mother's womb on July 13th, 1984. The time was around 1pm as he has never been much of a morning person. But, the birth was quick. He couldn't wait to get into the world and have his first cry. About 20 years passed with a bunch of irrelevant information for this bio and he reached another stage in his life. That stage was at the Comedy Store in Hollywood California. There, he did stand up comedy for the first time. Since then he hasn't looked back...until now when he needed to write this.

And a joke...
"A mind is like a parachute, it works best when it's open." I think that's a good metaphor for stoners, but I think an even better metaphor for stoners is, "Your mind is like a paratrooper." because once you land, you're just a dude wandering with a backpack on.