Jesse Scheinman
New York

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Anyone who votes for me gets invited to my keg party....MY PARENTS WON'T BE HOME!!!

My name is Jesse Scheinman and I'm 15 years old. Don't let that fool you into thinking that my act is "childish" as it is actually a modern day realistic view of what life is like for a 15 year old. Whether it be the nurse with the d-cups or the great idea I got from the anti-drug assembly (to sniff markers and glue) anything goes in my set. So far in my 1 year comedy career I have performed at: Carolines, Gotham, Brokerage, New York Comedy Club, Comic Strip, Governors, and many other shows and open mics. I have already performed at shows with comedians from Saturday Night Live, Last Comic Standing, and Comedy Central. I have been featured on, the Long Island Pulse, AOL, and other local newspapers. I live on Long Island with my parents (both VERY supportive) and my two younger brothers. I am currently a 10th grade honor student and love baseball and football.