Joey McDevitt
South Hempstead, N.Y.

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verbal assasin

Originally from South Hempstead, N.Y. Joey McDevitt stays with the oldschool style of stand up comedy. He dosent waste time on stage, just tells funny, unique jokes unlike anything you've ever heard. After spending a decade doing construction in Florida and not seeing much of a return on his labor Joey decided that was not how he wanted to spend the rest of his life. Risk everything or gain nothing, that was his state of mind when he decided to sell everything he owned and pursue stand up comedy. Well known on the Las Vegas comedy scene for winning multiple stand up competitions, he's now back in New York to compete against the best in the world. The kid takes his craft serious. He dosn't care about acting, singing, dancing or killing time onstage. Just delivering pure, uncut, original jokes that people can relate to. Enough said, see him perform, his talent speaks for itself.