John Deary
Philadelphia PA

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John Deary is the happiest, sad comedian in Philly.

John Deary is trying his best! 4 years into doing stand up he has become a fixture in the Philadelphia comedy scene. Whether you spotting him at local mics or showcases, or attending one of the shows he runs. For 2 years he's been steadily running one of Philly's proudest mics at Fergie's; one of the staple shows at Good Good Comedy Theatre, Make Up or Break Up, as well as hosting showcases in South and West Philly. John boasts being one of Philly's saddest comedians, but with his wit and charm he makes it clear you're laughing with him in his sadness, not at him.

And a joke...
I have an English degree and I'm having a hard time finding a job. My dad said it's because all of these Mexicans come over here and take away American jobs. Yea, dad... must be all those Mexicans coming over, taking all the good English degree jobs.