Matt Neimark
New York City

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Not too Jewish

Matt Neimark is a comedian, comedy writer and reformed-lawyer living in New York City. He has performed standup all around the city, including Comic Strip Live, the Upright Citizens Brigade and Eastville Comedy Club, just to name a few. Matt grew up in Florida, graduated from the University of Florida and accepted a scholarship to study at Columbia Law School. After graduating law school, with whatever the opposite of flying colors is, Matt started working at a New York City law firm. Through absolutely no fault of his own, the firm collapsed and filed for bankruptcy. Out of a job, Matt did the most logical thing, he started telling jokes.
If you are interested in Matt’s brand of comedy you can catch him at various comedy clubs around New York City, check out his monologue jokes on the website or watch him pretend to be busy at any one of the many local Starbucks near his apartment. Matt has been featured in Time Out: New York’s comedy issue, was a featured performed at the Hoboken Comedy Festival, and is currently part of the advance sketch writing program at the Upright Citizens Brigade. When he’s not desperately trying to get people to read his spec scripts, Matt enjoys college football, golf, teaching his niece dirty words and writing about himself in the third person. Also, if you happen to run into Matt’s mom, please pretend like he’s still practicing law, it’s really in the best interest of all involved. Thanks!

And a joke...
A sushi restaurant by my apartment caught on fire yesterday. It was a big deal, firefighters showed up, it was on the news that night. I don't want to tell anyone how to do their job, but I'm pretty sure they're making sushi wrong.