Michael J. Chupa
San Gabriel, California

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I love my dog, George Carlin, German Romanticists, Physics, Dodger Dogs, Chipotle and Telling Jokes

At 3 years of age, I pulled on my Dad's pant leg and announced that I was going to be a comedian; I've finally gotten around to following through on that declaration. I don't do comedy because I enjoy it (I do) or even because I want to (I do); I do it because my head would explode if I didn't empty it of all this crazy. It's what I was born to be / do, and it took my heart a hell of a long time to convince my head and the rest of me that this is my calling. My intention is to both entertain and ultimately to get people to question their most cherished assumptions and beliefs. And to get free Chipotle for life like that bastard Washington Nationals player Bryce Harper.

And a joke...
This year for Lent, I gave up . . . I just gave up.