Mike Hover
Chicago, IL

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Clean Nerdy Adult Trying To Be An Adult

Mike is a big kid pretending to be an adult. Celebrating a love of geek fandom, Mike’s comedy takes you on a fun roller coaster of randomness; poking fun at everything from relationships to time travel. With a spontaneous style and clean sense of humor, each performance is unique and has something for everyone.

Mike has been performing for a crowd all of his life. He is still waiting for David Letterman to sue him for performing his Top Ten Lists around his Boy Scout campfires. Mike started performing stand up in 2006. After taking a comedy writing class in college (for the easy A) and performing at the Ice House Comedy Club for the final, he was hooked. From 2008-2012, Mike and fellow comedian, Adam Fanshier, performed as the musical comedy duo Picard Maneuver (named after an obscure Star Trek TNG reference). Performing nerdy songs and hitting on audience members with lightsabers, the duo performed along the west coast in festivals, colleges, and clubs.

In 2012 Mike’s own routine won him the Judge’s Pick at The Uncle Clyde’s Competition which landed him a role in the Asylum Studios (the studio that brought you Sharkando) film Age of Dinosaurs which was aired on the SYFY network and Netflix. In 2014 Mike and his fiancé moved from Los Angeles to Chicago. In his new home, Mike has steadily made a name for himself in the Midwest comedy scene, including performing at the 2015 Chicago Nerd Comedy Festival and headlining in Appleton, WI.

And a joke...
I hope in my life time I can see both Left & Right Twix get along