Nick Cobb
New York

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Often described as an "outburst comic”, Nick Cobb's comedy is emotional and thoughtful with a physical rant always right around the corner. While a native Memphian, Nick attended Indiana University where he majored in Psychology. After graduating, he traveled Australia working odd jobs, like selling water filters door-to-door. Upon his return home, Nick started hitting the local comedy club. In no time (if by “no time” you mean “longer than he would like to admit”), Nick won a stand-up competition and moved to New York City to pursue The Dream. He headlines at clubs, colleges, benefits and gas stations all over the country. Nick recently filmed “Live at Gotham” for Comedy Central and has done commentary for MTV’s “FN MTV.” Nick was also featured on AMC's "Date Night" and has filmed an “Intel” commercial that no one has ever seen. When not performing, Nick dominates Sodoku.