Paul Murdock
New York City

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Comedian, humorist, burrito lover

Paul Murdock is a writer, stand-up comedian and actor currently living in New York City. Originally from Northern California, Murdock’s comedy influences include Bill Hicks, Lenny Bruce, Eddie Izzard and Joseph Heller.

In addition to solo performance work at NYU, including a one-man show, “Laughter and Truth,”  performed at the Gallatin Arts Festival, Murdock studied stand-up, improv, sketch writing and acting at the American Comedy Institute and the San Francisco Comedy College. The comedian has been in student films since before the creation of YouTube and produced and starred in the Internet sensation, Messin’ w Nolte.

If you don’t know Paul Murdock yet, you should and will. A journalist, humorist, omnivore and fan of photosynthesis, Murdock distrusts anyone who rides a unicycle.

You can find this performer on stages throughout New York City including, The Comic Strip Live, the Broadway and New York Comedy Clubs, Stand-Up NY and Comix, where he has become a dogged proponent of the two drink minimum. If you love to laugh and hate hypocrisy, Paul Murdock can't wait to see you from behind the mic.