Sean Leary
Los Angeles, CA

Inquire about Sean Leary

Sean Leary is a comedian in LA who eats at gas stations a lot.

Sean performs nightly in Los Angeles whether itís at a comedy club, bar, or theater. Sean won the 2013 Ice House Comedy Club Talent Showcase in Pasadena, CA and soon after became a paid regular.

In 2014, Sean was selected to perform in the 1st ever San Diego Comedy Festival in San Diego, CA. In February 2014, Sean was the highest rated and viewed comedian on and won their first ever Los Angeles showcase at the Hollywood Improv. In March of 2014, Sean taped a set for Comedy Time TV on

In April and May of 2014, Sean embarked on the successful Great Plains Party Tour where he traveled the Midwest performing 11 sold out shows! In June of 2014, Sean was a featured comedian on Ora TVís recently cancelled online show, Headline Punchline. Sean also hosts and produces a bi-weekly show named #FreeParking at the Garage in Culver City, CA. Sean has a natural gift for producing. Heís produced full-house shows at the Westside Comedy Theater, Inside Jokes Comedy Club, and the Hollywood Improv. Sean is also apart of the very funny sketch comedy group ĎBad Mid-Sectioní - -They are currently producing and filming many upcoming projects. This February, Sean will be auditioning for America's Got Talent! Check your local listings.