Travis LeBlanc
New York

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Doing To Other Comedians What the Automobile Did To the Horse and Buggy Industry

Hello. My name is Travis LeBlanc. My stage name is LeTrav. I chose that name because it's a spoonerism of my actual name. And because I thought that name might cool on a t-shirt. I do not currently sell t-shirts.

I started performing comedy a few years ago out of boredom. As a protest against the monotony of everyday existence. I'm still bored but the world is far less so.

I honestly don't know what I'm supposed to write here. Am I supposed to list my credits? Well, I don't have any. I AM a credit. I'm a credit to my family and American civilization as a whole.

Look, just watch the damn video and then vote for me. Do you really need to know what clubs I've performed in before you decide whether it's funny or not? Is there anyone on the planet (other than player haters) who thinks like that?

I'm afraid the picture above is my most recent head shot. Yes, there is more than just my head in that picture but when he said he could get my entire body in the picture for the same price... I mean why waste money?

Add me on twitter, yo.

Can you dig it?