Tyler Richardson
Washington D.C.

Inquire about Tyler Richardson

He is a Chipotle burrito addict... need I say more?

Tyler Richardson has been making a name for himself in the DC/ Marlyand/ Virginia area working clubs and universities with a casual tone and conversational delivery. He has worked with national touring headliners such as Aisha Tyler, Rob Cantrell, Alonzo Bodden, Reggie Watts, John Witherspoon, Kyle Grooms and more. In a very short amount of time he could be heard on XM/Sirius Satellite Radio's Too Much Information and made it to the final stages of NBC’s Stand Up for Diversity in New York 2009. Recently he has been invited perform in comedy festivals (Laughing Skull 2010, Great Amercian Comedy Festival 2010) across the country and just performed at an international festival in Canada. Come enjoy his stories and laugh until he is done going through your pocket contents and belongings, he is not above looting. Please get to know him...