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Warren Holstein, an established entity on the New York comedy scene, burst forth from Rutgers University with a degree in Psychology and Cultural Anthropology. Graduating with highest honors and a promising future, he promptly took the next logical step of throwing it all away for various smoke-filled rooms of drunken hooligans.

Warrens unique brand of humor challenges preconceived values and truths, questioning our adherence to them. He presents new ways of looking at the world, which have been alternately described as warped, innovative and enlightening.

His unabashedly honest and engaging nature combined with an innate ability for improvisation continues to move and electrify audiences show after show.

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He currently spends most of his time headlining at colleges and clubs across the country. Warren has been appeared most recently on MTV, can be seen soon in the new documentary "Sex, Drugs, and Comedy", has been part of The NYC Underground Comedy Festival, The Toyota Comedy Festival, headlined the Comical Showcase at The Boston Comedy Festival and contributed writing to Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update.